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When it comes time to sell your family home, holiday house, farm, commercial or investment property no-one knows your Byron Bay property like you do.

At Ed Silk Byron Bay we have 20+ years of expertise in real estate. We know the property market and employ cutting edge online and social media marketing techniques along with more traditional advertising such as print media, press releases and roadside signage.Working together to sell your property we make the perfect team.

Listing and Selling Your Property

The Highest Possible Selling Price

Our commitment is to achieve the highest possible selling price for your property.

Over the last 22 years our reputation has been based on consistently achieving selling prices at the higher end of price expectations.  We are very determined to maintain this enviable reputation in selling your property.

Our Focus on Integrity and Openness

In addition to our focus on new web-based platforms, we remain resolute in our commitment to the traditional values of honesty, integrity and transparency.  We will communicate with you openly and frequently about the progress of your sale.  We have found the most important factor  in any sale is the quality and consistency of communication with our clients.

The Personalised Attention You Deserve

The final part of our commitment is to maintain an active and intensive focus on your property with direct personal involvement. Many agencies have a large portfolio of listings, many of which receive little attention and languish in the market for months. With the new web-based platforms, properties receive immediate exposure to large numbers of buyers. Feedback on market interest is rapid and therefore demands a much more dynamic management of the sale process.

For this reason, we limit our listing portfolio to twenty-five high quality properties and ensure they receive the active and personalised attention they deserve.

The Revolution in Selling Property

Current research shows that over 80% of property buyers first saw their property on the internet.  This percentage increases every year and is likely to be even higher in Byron Bay with many buyers being from out of town.  The shift to the internet  has important implications in how to sell a property.

Maximising exposure on all the internet property websites is critical.

When you list with us we also provide immediate free website listings on:

Websites provide much broader and longer lasting exposure than print media advertising. However, some of the print media options are:

  • The Byron Bay Echo
  • Byron Shire News
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Age
  • The Financial Review

In today’s market we have found print advertising can be used much more selectively than in the past.

Web-based advertising requires quality content.  Excellent photographs, site plans and floor plans are essential.

The key websites are:

These websites are fundamental to achieving your sale.

The costs of website placement are set out on the advertising insert.

The photographs and plans should be organised into a well-structured slide show.  For some properties a short informal video presentation discussing property features is recommended.  The video will attract additional exposure on YouTube and can be produced at reasonable cost.

Thousands of potential buyers are scanning the content of the websites every day and their impressions of your property will be influenced, not only by the property itself, but by how well the property is presented.  Part of the expenditure previously directed towards expensive print advertising should be used to develop outstanding website content and exposure.

With lower spending on local print media, local exposure is best achieved with greater focus on larger, high quality street signage.  Where the site permits, more than one street sign should be considered.

A marketing campaign worksheet is included at the end of this document where we can explore appropriate campaign alternatives and expenditure for your property.

The Value of Your Property – Setting the Right Asking Price

Web-based marketing provides much greater flexibility in exploring the optimum asking price.  It allows the opportunity to test a premium starting price and  monitor the results.  Prospective buyers are scanning the property sites on a daily basis and are constantly watching for price changes.  Feedback from the market on the appropriateness of an asking price is immediate and direct.  Within a week of listing there will be strong early indications of how well the property is positioned.

Starting high with an agreed program of possible price adjustments is an excellent way of identifying emotionally engaged “heart buyers” who may want the property at any cost.
Pyramid of home buyers
It is also a proven way of maintaining some ongoing excitement and sizzle around the property.  Any change will be tagged as a price reduction and that will also generate renewed interest.  In the new internet environment the market becomes well-informed very quickly and the transaction time from first interest to sale is reducing.  It is counter-productive to have stale properties languishing on the sites with no interest being generated.

The internet revolution not only changes the marketing campaign, it also requires a more dynamic perspective on asking price strategies.

The diagram on the right may help to explain our suggested asking price strategy:

Testing the Asking Price

When the property first goes on the market, three outcomes are likely:

  1. No inspection and no offers.
  2. Plenty of inspections but no offers.
  3. Plenty of inspections and offers.

What Do We Need to Have in Place Before We Get Started?


1.    A Sales Contract

In NSW this is prepared by the seller’s solicitor.  The contract includes a section 149 Certificate (zoning certificate) from the local council, inclusions, and terms and conditions for the sale of the property.

2.    A Sales Inspection Report and Selling Agency Agreement.

This is a legally binding document between the seller and the listing agent.

There are four types of listing agreements:

  1.   Exclusive
  2.   Open
  3.   Auction
  4.   Sole
It is also helpful to have on hand:
  1. A short list of what you and your family like about your property.
  2. Rate notice.
  3. Details of improvements you have done.
  4. Any energy saving devices fitted to the house.
  5. Information on heating and cooling.

This is your opportunity to tell the Property’s story

The Sale Process

Once the preparation is complete, the process of selling is straight-forward.  I attract prospective buyers and negotiate the sale.  All the preparation is put to work.[/one-half-first]

Proven strategies that will ADD VALUE (either in price or time) to the sale of your property are:

  1. Completion of any outstanding maintenance.
  2. Tidy presentation of lawns and garden adding to the street appeal.
  3. A clean and clutter-free feel to the house (inside and out).
  4. Attention to presentation within the house when inspections are planned.


All prospective buyers must be fully qualified and appointments must be made in advance.

That gives me time to build a relationship with the buyer, which helps when the negotiation process starts.  It also minimises the intrusion and disruptions to your normal life.

There should be buyers inspecting the house and making offers within the first few weeks of it being on the market.


When potential buyers are found, it is my job to skilfully negotiate the sale of your property.

It is important to remember that we are in this process together and we must communicate regularly and openly.   The selling of your property can be a very stressful time for both yourself and the buyer.  My job is to help you navigate through the process of listing your house and getting the best price and terms possible.

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Ed Silk
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