Can you feel winter? We’re not sure here in the office. Looking out the window we’re seeing blue skies and people at main beach are still donning bikinis and enjoying the ocean. It’s a great time of year and many people we speak to say it’s their favourite. The surf is good, the weather is a bit cooler and the sunsets reign supreme in Autumn.

Other things to look forward to is the annual migration of the humpback whales as they leave their summer feeding grounds in Antarctica and head north to their breeding grounds in the tropics. Did you know that there is approximately 17,000 whales that will make this journey past Byron Bay? There’s many benefits to living in Byron and one of those is being at the most eastern point of Australia giving us a closer view of the whales as they head up the coast!

Winter also brings back some of our other faves like The Harvest Café’s Sunday Roast. Once a month enjoy the best roast you’ve ever had in the old bakery which is nice and snug for the cooler climes.

Across the road from our office is The Balcony restaurant, who are offering paella & sangria on the weekend at 3pm. Enjoy a great people watching spot and relaxed, friendly vibe.

Viva La Fiesta – Weekends @ 3pm

Mullum 2 Bruns Paddle – Sunday 22nd May

Brunswick Heads Picture House – 4pm Sunday 22 May (Movie is Ghostbusters)

Harvest Café Sunday Roasts – Sunday 29th May

Byron Bay to Ballina Charity Walk – Tuesday 31st May

Have fun in Byron Bay these coming months!


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