New website launch

I hope 2012 is proving to be a year of health, happiness and improving prosperity for you and your loved ones.

The last few years have certainly been challenging, but out of these challenges have come new insights and new beginnings. In letting go of my old business in 2011, I was forced to recognise how much has changed in the real estate industry over the last five years.

I can now see that old ways of doing business are no longer sustainable. The impact of new technology will continue to make huge changes to the way we buy and sell property in the future. The challenge is to combine the benefits of the new technology with the best features of personalised service and trusted relationships. I am committed to taking up this challenge!

Fortunately, I am able to move into 2012 and beyond with a new, streamlined real estate business focussed on private sales and brokerage. This has always been the area I have found most personally rewarding, and where I feel I can offer the most value to my clients. I will support the business with state-of-the-art web presence and other evolving technologies. There will also be a strong emphasis on research and market information. Markets are now far more complex and uncertain than ever, and all of us deserve access to reliable insights into market trends.

Above all else, I want to commit to providing you with the best, most informed, honest and discreet service possible. I look forward to talking soon.

by Ed Silk Byron Bay
mob: 0418 660 063
tel: 02 6680 8668

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