Digital reforms cancel out Certificates of Title

The NSW Government is introducing changes to transition the conveyancing process from
paper to digital.

The ‘eConveyancing’ process will be more secure and efficient, and no longer rely on paper
Certificates of Title. This will simplify the settlement process and reduce the risk of delays
when selling a property.

A person’s legal ownership details are recorded on the Torrens Register. This will continue to
be the single source of truth for land ownership. The details recorded on the Register are
guaranteed by the State.

From 11 October 2021 a Certificate of Title will no longer be a valid legal document and
won’t be needed for any land transaction. The cancellation of Certificates of Title marks the
final step for conveyancing in NSW becoming completely digital. Removing the need for
paper Certificates of Title to settle a property purchase will:

• simplify the conveyancing process
• reduce the risk of settlement delays
• reduce the risk of errors and fraud in the conveyancing process.

Visit the Office of the Registrar General’s website for more information or get in touch with
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