The Best Way To Find Byron Bay Real Estate

So you’re on the internet, visiting local websites and doing the groundwork searching for the property that fits your needs. But how can you be sure this property is worth the time to visit in person?

The following tips will help to avoid visiting properties that just don’t fit the brief and leave you with more time to find your real dream home.


Byron Bay real estate is often situated near tourism hot spots like the lighthouse, cafes or the beach. Before you visit a property in person jump on to Google Maps and check out the address. Is it located near one of Byron Bay’s tourism havens or on a main thoroughfare route? Keep in mind, where the tourists favour are beautiful spots and you may love living near the vibrancy of these areas. But, if you’re the quiet and peaceful type then you may want to keep this in mind.


Getting in touch with your local real estate agent will really help in your search. You can ask your real estate agent for additional information like floor plans, strata rates (if applicable) and comparative market data. Agents can also provide you with valuable information you won’t find on the web like local knowledge of the area. If you’re looking at a specific property, make sure it’s still on the market rather than showing up for an inspection that’s been cancelled due to the property being sold.


Before you start looking for property seriously, you really need to know what you can afford. There’s no point putting in an offer on your ideal home and then finding out it’s not in your price bracket! Ideally you should approach a mortgage broker first and find out what the bank is willing to lend you. By getting pre-approval before your property search you can refine your search to suit your needs and make a solid offer on a property in a competitive market.


You may find that you just can’t find the right property even though you’re searching Byron Bay real estate every day. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to change your search parameters. Write a list of all your ‘Must Haves’. Then in another column write your ‘Possible Compromises’. Can any of the ‘Must Haves’ move on to the compromises list? Remember, things like wall colour in a home can easily be fixed. You could even make small floor plan changes with minimal fuss. Take a fresh look at your rejected properties and see if any alterations could turn the house into a prospective purchase.