Current research shows that 8 out of 10 consumers turn to the internet when they are looking to search for Real Estate. Since Byron Bay attracts many people from both overseas and out of town it is essential for us to reach out via internet and social media.

The websites below are the key sites and fundamental to achieving your sale:

When you list with us we also provide immediate free listings on these websites:

Before putting your property on the market it is highly important to make it appeal to the potential buyer. A well-presented home will make a better impression and will most likely sell faster and at a higher price.


Make sure the property is clean & tidy. Clear out clutter and get rid of personal items. Keep the décor simple so it appeals to a broader group of people. If a room is dark, look for ways to create more light – open up all the windows to let in natural light and consider to repaint the walls neutral colours.

If you need help with strengthen your homes value we offer property styling which improves the chances of selling a property and achieve the highest possible sale price.

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