When it comes to selling your property, you need a local real estate specialist who has your best interests at heart.

Byron Bay real estate experts.

We have more than 30-years of expertise in the Byron Bay real estate industry. Over time, we’ve built a solid reputation by consistently selling properties at the higher end of price expectations. Our success is due to our deep knowledge of the local market and because we understand what buyers are looking for when they’re on the hunt for a home in Byron Bay.

Our commitment to you

When you list your property for sale with us, we’ll commit to achieving the highest possible selling price. And we also promise to provide you with the very highest level of service.

We use all the latest technologies.

We always stay on top of all the latest technologies to help us achieve a premium price for your property. That’s why we use digital marketing and social media alongside more 
traditional advertising, such as print media, press releases and roadside signage.

A focus on integrity

We may use cutting-edge web-based platforms to sell your property, but our values are old-school. We believe in honesty, integrity, and transparency and will always take the time to get to know you and fully understand your needs. What’s more, we know that the most critical factor in any sale is the quality and consistency of communication, so we’ll always talk with you openly and frequently about the progress of your sale.

The personalised attention you deserve

Today’s new web-based platforms result in properties receiving immediate exposure to a large number of buyers fast. As a result, market interest is rapid and demands that we 
respond quickly. Therefore, it’s our commitment to you that we will contact every lead and actively promote your property on a day-to-day basis.

On top of that, because we’re a boutique agency, we always limit the number of listings to ten high-quality properties at any one time. This approach ensures you’ll always receive the active and personalised attention you deserve.

Are you ready to get started?

If you’ve decided you’d like to list your property for sale with us, there are a few things we need to arrange before we get started.

A comparative market analysis

We always carry out a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) before listing a property for sale. This is a crucial step designed to help you understand what you’ll get for your property without under or over-valuing its market worth.

Preparing the sales contract

In New South Wales, the sales contract is prepared by the seller’s solicitor. This contract includes a Section 10.7 Certificate (previously known as the Section 149 Certificate). This certificate confirms the local Council’s zoning and application rules that apply to the development of your property. It’s important to note that it’s a legal requirement for this certificate to be attached to all contracts for the sale of the property.

Signing the agency agreement.

The agency agreement is the legally binding document between the seller and the listing agent that formalises the sale. Once this is signed, we can immediately get to work and start marketing your property.

Get your house in order.

In addition to the signed agreement, it’s also helpful to have the following paperwork close to hand:

1. A shortlist of what you and your family like about your property.

2. Your most recent rates notice.

3. Details of improvements you have completed.

4. Any energy saving devices attached to the property.

5. Information about how you heat and cool the building.

6. The final occupation certificate.

If you’d like us to help you sell your property, please call Ed today on 0418 660 063.

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