Get your property ready for sale this Spring.

Spring is the time of year when many people think about listing their property for sale. And if you decide it’s time to make a move, one of the first steps in the process is to get your house ready for the all-important photo shoot.

That’s right. It’s time to get serious and start doing all the jobs you’ve been putting off. Because when you put your property on the market, you need to make sure it’s looking its very best.

Get your toolbox out!

Broken door handle? Cracked tiles? Faulty toilet? If this sounds familiar, you need to get busy. Every house has a few issues that have been put off. But if you want yours to make a good impression, you need to get them fixed. You don’t want potential buyers spotting jobs that need doing as they may be left with the feeling that your house has hidden problems. So, make a list, and get onto it. Even better, make a list and get a handyman around for a few hours to do it for you! Either way, your house must be in good working order.

It’s time to tidy up.

Decluttering is all part of getting your home ready for sale. It’s a job most of us put off, but it’s essential. Often the bits and pieces left lying around are practical items you need. But sometimes it’s just rubbish that can go straight in the bin. If your house is bursting at the seams, don’t stuff everything in a cupboard as potential buyers may look inside. Instead, think about renting a storage space so you can store the items you don’t need out of the way.

Remove your personal stuff.

Many of us love to place photos of the people and animals we care about around our homes. But if you’re looking to sell, these need to go. A potential buyer must be able to easily imagine themselves living in your property, and pictures of your pets and family will get in the way of the process.

Do a deep clean.

Next up, it’s time to give your home a good clean, inside and out. With your clutter tidied away, and the odd jobs sorted, it’ll be much easier. But if you’ve got a big house, it could feel daunting. The trick is to tackle one room at a time. Clean the windows, de-cobweb, vacuum behind the furniture, make sure there’s no sign of damp or mildew. And take particular care with mouldy grout in the bathroom – it can be very off-putting. When you’ve cleaned the whole house, get started on the exterior.

The power of curb appeal

Getting your house looking tip-top outside is vital. This is the first impression a potential buyer will have, and it matters. Remove any clutter from around the property. Clean the windows, mow the lawn, plant out the flower beds. And painting the front door is an easy way to transform the look of your home, making the entrance feel warm and welcoming. Do whatever it takes to present your property in its very best light.

Call the pest people.

A pest inspection is standard practice when you’re buying a home. So, if you come across an infestation of some kind or another while you’re tidying up, don’t panic. Get onto it straight away and resolve the issue sooner rather than later. That way it won’t be a stumbling block further down the track.

Love it or list it!

So now your house is looking so good, you may decide to stay! But if you’re keen to sell, it’s time to talk to Ed. The good news is, you’ve done all the hard work and all that’s left to do is dress the house ready for the photos. You can do this yourself or ask a property stylist to do it for you. Either way, once the photos are ready to go, Ed can start marketing your property straight away.


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Photo credit: Image by Media Drive of Kate Harvey of Decorate Your Real Estate.