Congratulations to Atlanta Building

Big congratulations to the Atlanta Building team for their remarkable achievement at the Master Builders NSW Northern Regions Builders Awards last Saturday night. Atlanta Building dominated the event…

Much loved hat store for sale in Byron Bay

Meet Nerida, the heart and soul behind Byron Bay Hat Company, an iconic hat store that’s been a part of the Byron Bay community for almost three decades. Nerida has been at the Byron Bay Hat Company since 1995.

Plans for future housing on public exhibition

Are you interested in finding out where new houses will be built in Byron Shire over the next two decades? Last week, the Council formally confirmed their support for the broad strategies contained within

New holiday letting rules announced in Byron Bay

It’s been a long wait, but last week, the NSW Government announced that they have granted a 60-day cap on non-hosted short-term rental accommodation for most of Byron Shire. The good news for investors…

How to come out on top at an auction

So, you’ve discovered that the house you’ve got your heart set on is going to auction. Don’t panic, there’s no need to stress. A property auction is all about chance and strategy, so if you focus on preparing…

How To Succeed At A Tree Change

Here are some handy hints that will help make sure this huge change in lifestyle kicks off to a positive start. Every day the team at Ed Silk Byron Bay take calls from people who are thinking about relocating to Byron. The dream is real, but if you’re thinking of making a move

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A new independent Council for Byron Shire

December’s local Council elections saw Michael Lyon, an independent, voted mayor of Byron Shire with a clear 54.32% majority. This outcome means that the Greens’ primary vote more than halved, indicating a…

2021: The year that was

As 2021 reaches a close, we leave a year behind us that’s seen words like “crazy”, “mad”, and “insane” used to describe the prices being paid for property in Byron Bay. At the start of the pandemic, everyone feared the economy would take an enormous hit.

Digital reforms cancel out Certificates of Title

The NSW Government is introducing changes to transition the conveyancing process frompaper to digital. The ‘eConveyancing’ process will be more secure and efficient, and no longer rely on paper Certificates of Title. This will simplify the settlement process…

Mercato Byron Bay

Byron Bay commercial real estate sales

Over the last 18-months, new commercial real estate and property sales in Byron Bay have gone off the radar, with several major sales hitting the headlines. First, the iconic Beach Hotel sold in February 2020. Then in May of this year, Justin Hemmes…

Selling your home by expressions of interest (EOI)

Most people sell their home by auction, private treaty or sale by fixed date. But owners of high-end, unique properties often decide to sell their home by expressions of interest. Plenty of benefits The upside of choosing the EOI route is that a seller gets…

5 tips for a stress-free property purchase

If you’re looking to secure your dream home in today’s hot property market, you’ll probably face some stiff competition. Even if you’ve had your offer accepted, things may go wrong that are completely outside of…

How Covid has changed what we want from our homes.

If you thought your home was big enough in the days before COVID-19, you might not think so anymore. With lockdowns and a new trend towards working from home, we’ve spent more time at home over the last year

Is now the right time to downsize?

The recent property price rise in Byron Bay might have led you to wonder if now’s the time to sell up and buy something smaller. Whether this is the right move for you is down to your own particular situation. But if you

2020. What a year!

We’re almost at the finishing line of a year when “unprecedented” events just kept on coming. From horrific bushfires to a global pandemic, the speed and enormity of change has tested us all. Hopes and plans might have been put on hold. But

Off-market property sales on the rise in Byron Bay

The popularity of Byron Bay is reaching new heights. City-dwellers are flocking into town. More and more celebrities are buying luxury properties in the area. And the sale of multi-million-dollar businesses such as The Farm…

Virtual technology brings property listings to life.

Virtual technology has revolutionised real estate. In fact, recent studies show that today, more than 80% of people start their property search online. And it seems that online tools, such as Google street view and virtual tours, have become indispensable in the hunt

What is it about Byron Bay?

Byron Bay has long been attracting people who want to get away from it all. From weekends away from busy city lives, to longer stints to try the slower pace on for size; it’s fair to say, Byron Bay appeals to a whole

How To Succeed At A Tree Change

Throughout the year Byron Bay real estate agents speak to a number of ‘city folk’ yearning to move to the quieter climes of our seaside and hinterland haven. The dream is real but do you have a plan in place to make it

Summer in Byron Bay

It’s Summer in Byron Bay and the weather is beautiful.  I’m sure it is set to be a busy season with the town already buzzing and most accommodation for the summer season being close to booked out.