Selling your property? 9 things that will turn off buyers.

Every Agent has their own strategy when it comes to selling a property, and there is no right way to sell a house, however there are a few must-do’s to make your property a must-buy on the market. With each potential buyer as diverse as the next, it’s important to stay neural when selling your home, we recommend removing your emotional connection and creating a space that potential buyers can visualise themselves living in. Below we have compiled our top 9 tips for a successful sale.

1. Clingy Sellers. Whether it be your first home, bachelor pad, beloved family home; we understand that your house is where you spend the bulk of your time, where memories are made, children are raised, meals are enjoyed and wine glasses are filled. We also know that it can be extremely difficult to let go of a place that holds such memories, however, once you have decided to sell your home, you must commit to the process. Give your agent room to do their job, and allow potential buyers the space they need to get hooked. Sellers that linger during an open inspection, or regale prospective buyers with family tales, typically push buyers away, rather than draw them in.

2. Dirt. This one is pretty much a given, but a clean, well presented home is crucial when selling. The sight of dust, mould or dirt and buyers will turn around and walk straight out the door. Take the time to give your property a thorough clean, paying particular attention to living areas, backyards and bathrooms. While you’re at it, make sure you address any signs of wear and tear, too. Minor maintenance issues might not seem like a big deal, but prospective buyers might view them as evidence of much larger, underlying problems.

3. Smells. The debate is out on which smells sell a home and opinions are mixed however an abundance of fresh air (especially when it’s the ocean breeze) is the most dependable way to your buyers heart. Over use of incense, air fresheners or scented candles often lead buyers to assume a bad odor is being masked.

4. Clutter. While you may be able to defend a cluttered garage, good luck trying to explain away a cluttered home. Prior to inspection, take the time to de-clutter your property. Especially the rooms potential buyers are likely to spend the most amount of time in.

5. Temperature. It mightn’t be a deal breaker, but buyers get turned off when they can’t experience your home at its optimal comfort levels, Ideally, you want to keep your property between 22°C and 26°C. Luckily for us here in Byron Bay, we can pretty much rely on our climate year round. Unless you’re selling in the height of summer, in which case you may want to invest in a cooling system.

6. Price. When it comes to advertising your property, your listing needs to provide as much information as possible to capture your buyers attention. Having your asking price will save buyers scrolling straight past looking for a property that suits their criteria.

7. Photos. Photos are the single most powerful tool to inspire a potential buyer to enquire about or inspect a property. People either need to imagine their lives in your property, or they need to get an authentic impression of how it will stand up as an investment. Work with your agent to create a series of photos that show your home in its best possible light. Fail to do so and you’ll shrink your target market dramatically.

8. Personal Photographs. Try to remember that you are not the person buying your home, so what works for you may not necessarily work for your buyer. Strive to create a blank canvas where buyers can build an emotional connection to your property. Take down any provocative pieces of artwork, paint your home in neutral tones, and removing any personal photographs.

9. Your Agent. A great agent is the key to success when it comes to selling your property so it is important to take the time to consider who is the best fit to sell for you. Consider previous sales, local area knowledge and personability. If you can try to get along to one of their inspections and observe the interactions between agent and prospective byers. An agent with a natural flair for building good rapport and the social skills to build trust and transform a promising lead into an agreed upon sale is a good place to start.

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