How To Succeed At A Tree Change

Every day the team at Ed Silk Byron Bay take calls from people who are thinking about relocating to Byron. The dream is real, but if you’re thinking of making a move, have you mapped out a plan to ensure your move is a success?

Here are some handy hints that will help make sure this huge change in lifestyle kicks off to a positive start.

Understanding the Byron Bay real estate market.

First things first. It’s a good idea to be clear on the type of regional lifestyle you’re looking for. Many people move to Byron Shire and the surrounding area because they want to own their own piece of hinterland paradise. Others dream of living close to the beach and getting a surf in before work.

Knowing the lifestyle you’re looking for is essential. If you’re erring towards the hinterland dream, this is likely to translate into owning a few acres in the hinterland, growing your own veg, getting some chooks, and spending your weekends on the ride on. 

This type of lifestyle is idyllic for some but absolute hell for others. Living on acreage can be hugely rewarding but the hours taken to keep the property in shape make it a lifestyle choice that may be too much for some.

On the other hand, if you’re a sociable person who likes to start the day with a coffee and you tend to meander through the day with work slotted in between, then Byron’s urban lifestyle may well be a better fit. 

On top of that, living in town can feel very similar to life in a city suburb, with cafes, boutique stores, restaurants, and yoga classes on your doorstep. 

The best approach is to give some serious consideration to what will work for you best. If you decide that you really do prefer serenity over the social and you’re realistic about the hard yet satisfying work that acreage has to offer, then the country lifestyle could be a perfect choice. My suggestion? Make a list of pros and cons and see where it takes you.

Consider how you'll earn income.

Things have changed since the pandemic, so it could be that if you’re moving to Byron, it’s because you can work remotely. But if that’s not the case, you need to be realistic about how you will earn an income. Despite Byron’s high-profile international status, it’s still a small regional town with limited options for employment. 

Before you decide to move, I highly recommend that you jump on an employment website or contact a local recruitment company to find out what type of work is available locally. There’s plenty of work in Byron Bay for all-rounders and professionals, but it can be tricky to get full-time hours. 

If you have a specific occupation in the city, you may discover that you can’t find an exact match in Byron Shire. But don’t worry. If you’re willing to be flexible, your skills will likely translate into something similar.

Understand how to live the lifestyle.

There’s so much to do in Byron Bay – it’s all part of the appeal. And it’s also what makes the transition from city to regional living a little less daunting than moving to other, more rural parts of the state. 

It’ll come as no surprise that yoga and meditation classes are a big thing in Byron Bay. In fact, you’ll find every type of yoga class you can think of on offer every day of the week. On top of that, there’s also the live music scene, numerous festivals and a long list of dining options that aren’t to be missed. 

You may not know anyone when you first move to Byron Bay, but it’s easy to immerse yourself in the community. Join a class, volunteer, and get out in the surf! Even dropping into the same coffee shop every morning will soon have you down as one of the locals.

How do you know if your tree-change is successful?

You’ll know your move has been successful when you’re stuck in local traffic, and you think to yourself, ‘I’m not in a hurry anyway’. Or when someone pulls in front of you, and instead of beeping your horn, you return their apologetic smile and wave. And if you duck into your local café, get greeted by name, and your next stop is a quick surf before work, you’ve done it. You’re a Byron local!

Are you thinking about a tree change? If the answer is yes, please don’t hesitate to contact contact us to discuss your real estate needs.



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We offer an obligation-free market appraisal, which includes a property assessment, a report outlining recent comparable sales, and an estimate of your property’s value together with a price guide.

Get in touch to discuss the value of your property

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