How To Succeed At A Tree Change

Throughout the year Byron Bay real estate agents speak to a number of ‘city folk’ yearning to move to the quieter climes of our seaside and hinterland haven. The dream is real but do you have a plan in place to make it succeed?

Here’s how to get your lifestyle journey off to a positive start.

  1. Understand the Byron Bay real estate market.

There are two sides to Byron Bay’s real estate market – the hinterland and the more urban areas. Many tree-changers dream of owning a few acres in the hinterland, growing their own veg and raising animals. This is idyllic for some… but hell for others. Acreage can be very rewarding but takes many hours of work to upkeep.

If you’re a social kind of person that likes a café coffee, slow breakfast and general meander throughout the day then Byron’s urban lifestyle might be best. Get in amongst the restaurants, surf and yoga workshops and find your groove. If you really do prefer serenity over social and are looking forward to the hard yet satisfying work that a farm has to offer then the farming lifestyle could be perfect. Make a pros and cons list

  1. Evaluate your potential income.

Before you move, jump on an employment website or get in touch with a local recruitment company and see what type of work is available locally. There’s plenty of work in Byron Bay for both all-rounders and professionals however a lot of work can be part time. If you have a specific occupation in a city centre there may not be that exact kind of work in the Byron shire. But, if you’re willing to make it work, take a look at your skills and see if they will translate into a similar role.

  1. Know how to live the lifestyle.

There’s so much to do in Byron Bay. Of course, there’s yoga and meditation classes available daily but there’s also a number of great gigs, festivals and restaurants. When you first move to Byron Bay you may not know anyone but it’s easy to quickly immerse yourself in the area by joining in with one of the many classes available. Even getting a coffee every day from a local café will soon have you pegged as ‘one of the locals’.

  1. When you know your tree-change is successful.

You’re stuck in local traffic and think to yourself ‘I’m not in a hurry anyway.’ Someone pulls in front of you and instead of beeping your horn, you return their apologetic smile and wave. You duck into your local café and they greet you by name telling you to have an amazing day as you leave. You smile knowing that you live in one of the best places in the world and it would be hard not to. Heading out the door you decide to go for a quick surf before starting any work for the day. Welcome to Byron!


Dreaming of your own tree change? Please don’t hesitate to contact Ed Silk Byron Bay if you would like to discuss your real estate needs further. Byron Bay has everything you need to make a go of it.