What Features To Look For In Your New Home

When shopping for Byron Bay Real Estate there’s more to look for than just the distance to the beach and local café’s.

 During your inspection you need to see if the property is the right one for you. Consider where you’re moving from and what you’ll be bringing with you – is it all going to fit? You need to decide if you’re prepared to buy new furniture to fit into your dream home or if your dream home needs to fit your old furniture!


If you’re lucky enough for Byron Bay real estate to be on your viewing agenda then storage may not be your top property but it’s time to stop and think about this in the long term. There’s two options available to you; buy a property with built-ins or see if the rooms are large enough to have these added. Closet space is essential to keep the home organized and tidy and also check the pantry size if you have a large family or love to have cooking supplies handy.


If you’ve found a property that meets most of your requirements it’s time to get your measuring tape out. Measure the size of dining area, lounge bedrooms and fridge space. Is the furniture you own going to fit? Think about the layout of your existing furniture and see if you’ll be blocking any doorways or creating any unworkable layout designs. This gives you an opportunity to plan ahead and purchase any new pieces that might fit better with your new home rather than moving your furniture in and finding out the hard way.


Moving from a larger city is exciting if you’re looking for a tree change but what is it you’ll be doing from your property? A lot of people looking for real estate Byron Bay also look in the hinterland areas and dream of farming as well as running a business from home. If that’s you, make sure you check if these areas are connected to the internet and phone, as some aren’t. Without mobile reception the property may not be the right one for you.


You’re loving the green pastures that both Byron Bay real estate and the surrounding hinterland have to offer and have dreams of permaculture and maybe even agriculture but ask yourself – is this really you? Large blocks of over an acre can actually be quite labour intensive and you need to question whether a property of this size will be a labour of love or something you’re just not going to have the time (or desire) to maintain.



  • Property has good internet access and mobile phone coverage
  • Land size is viable for ongoing maintenance
  • Rooms in the house are large enough to accommodate your furniture. Check fridge space.
  • Storage is adequate for linen and other necessities. Check pantry size.