How To Dress Your Byron Bay Real Estate For Autumn

Changing a few key things in your home will increase your chances of selling your Byron Bay real estate during the cooler Autumn months. Following these simple steps will see your property sold in no time.


Byron Bay is well known for it’s beautiful, green trees and fields and with the Autumn greenery comes more rain. To show your property in the best light try placing lamps throughout the house that emanate a warm glow. This will create much-needed ambience and warmth in the cooler months.


If you’ve got a fireplace, central heating or reverse cycle air conditioning make sure they are turned on prior to an open or inspection. Keeping your house warm and snug will make buyers stay and look around longer rather than head back out into the cool outdoor climes. You also want your buyers to walk in and instantly feel like this could be home.


Add a few bright features to the home that will brighten up each room. If the sky is overcast and gloomy outside, you can instantly add colour just through the use of cushions and ornaments. Try cosy looking, colourful throws on the bed and couches to add to the feeling of warmth making your home look more inviting to potential buyers. Shoppers looking for Byron Bay Real Estate are looking for the extra touches!


If your house is in need of a fresh coat of paint, have this completed prior to putting your house on the market. Grey skies may accentuate a sombre interior and having increased lighting in your home (from our ‘create warmth’ step) may show up marks and dirt. Also, if you have feature walls in your property they may be too personal for your buyer to relate to, making them unsure if this is the Byron Bay Real Estate for them. Our suggestion to freshen up your house is to paint all the walls in white. The property will look cleaner and brighter making the house a retreat from dull skies outside.


Even thought it’s now Autumn, you need to let your buyer’s know that when buying real estate in Byron Bay there is ample opportunity for outdoor living in summer. Make sure your home has welcoming furniture displayed prominently in outdoor living areas including cushions and throws.