Tiny Houses For Byron Bay Real Estate

There’s lots of reasons to buy a tiny house, particularly when you have Byron Bay real estate. Plenty of people in the region need granny flats, want accommodation on their property or simply want to live small for environmental reasons.

Placing a tiny house on your property will only add value to your Byron Bay real estate. Buyers will see the potential revenue they can make from guests in such a strong tourism market or they may just like it for personal use – home offices suit the tree-changers market to a tee.


Many tiny houses can be equipped with solar heating to save on electricity bills. The cost of setting up an electricity connection to a separate building can be pricey and using renewable energy can save you thousands. Not only that, many tiny homes can include a

toilet and wood heater. This saves loads of money on having to connect sewerage to the house and hot water is plentiful in winter when the solar panels may not be receiving as much sunlight.


Sick of the view? No problem. Many tiny houses are on wheels and comply with Australian road rules meaning you can hit the road and park up in your nearest paddock with vistas of Byron Bay! If you’re not travelling but using your tiny home as guest accommodation, you can transport the home around your property to suit your needs – such as if the outdoor area gets muddy or you need more sun.


Tiny living is sustainable because you’re creating a smaller impact on the planet. You’re heating and cooling needs are reduced because the space you’re in requires less of both. Because you can add so many environmental features to your wee home you can reduce your carbon footprint to almost zero making you an environmental wonder.


These little pocket-rocket homes can be packed with features including a mezzanine for sleeping, a fully workable kitchen and a bathroom… with a bath! This means you can easily rent them out to guests who are looking for a unique off-the-grid experience or as an artists studio for your own use. They’re the perfect nook for when friends come to stay and can be taken with you should you choose to sell your property.


We love small… puppies, kittens – people love cute and tiny houses have got cute covered. Often created with beautiful, wooden features and adorable, crafty storage spaces, your tiny home will be a touch of class for your Byron Bay real estate property.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ed if you would like to discuss your Byron Bay real estate property needs further.