How the Danish concept of hygge can help you through lockdown.

If you’re not familiar with the Danish idea of “hygge“, it’s an attitude that focuses on embracing the small things in life and taking the time to appreciate them. Pronounced “hoo-gah“, this philosophy is central to the Danish way of being. And it’s something that we could learn from if lockdown goes on for much longer.

Celebrate what you can control

For the Danes, the long winter months mean cold, dark days and being tucked up at home most of the time. But believe it or not, this isn’t something they dread. Instead, hygge makes it a time to celebrate. 

Hygge is about savouring and celebrating the moments and aspects of our lives that we can control. It’s about creating a cosy and comfortable mood, where you can experience feelings of wellness and contentment every day – even if you spend most of your time at home.

Hygge isn’t just about warm candlelight, soft blankets, and comfy socks – although these will all lead to the feeling of hygge. It’s more about focusing on pleasure, comfort, gratitude, and togetherness in the present moment. 

What does hygge mean for you?

With life on pause, hygge can help create warm feelings of satisfaction, even when you have a lot on your mind, are stuck at home, or can’t see your friends. It could mean following daily rituals that create feelings of gratitude, such as taking time out to drink coffee from your favourite mug. Or sitting with a book in the sun. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, make time for it.

Your home is your sanctuary.

Hygge is nurturing and generous. It’s about making your home feel like a sanctuary, so whatever you can do to create a warm, relaxed, and safe environment, do it. This could mean fresh flowers in your lounge room, scented candles in your bedroom, or cooking healthy home-cooked meals. All these things will make a house feel like home.

Meaningful connections

Hygge is all about connection – whether that’s with yourself or with friends and family. So, if you live with others, talk, play board games and make sure you come together for a meal.  And if you can’t see your loved ones because of restrictions, connect online, or pick up the phone for a chat.

Right now, you might feel the need to unplug from life. If that’s the case, take time out and lounge on the couch with a good book, listen to music that makes you feel good and enjoy a little hygge every day.

Be present. Be kind.

Being locked down at home has forced isolation on us all. But despite this, we can still experience genuine hygge even with few social opportunities. Hygge is all about meaningful, authentic interactions, so listen to the people you live with, stay engaged and present, and connect. Even if you can only chat with your family on Zoom.

Care for yourself and your community

Hygge is about caring for ourselves, for others, and the wider world.  And it’ll come as no surprise that people who have embraced the hygge mindset believe it has positively impacted their lives. 

So, if flowers and a new book make you feel good, why not pick up the phone and order a home delivery of flowers from Poppy & Co. Or get a book delivered to your door by The Book Collective. 

The very essence of hygge is about finding a way to create a relaxed environment that makes it easy to appreciate the simple things that bring joy to your life.

We offer an obligation-free market appraisal, which includes a property assessment, a report outlining recent comparable sales, and an estimate of your property’s value together with a price guide.

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We offer an obligation-free market appraisal, which includes a property assessment, a report outlining recent comparable sales, and an estimate of your property’s value together with a price guide.

Get in touch to discuss the value of your property

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