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Through a process of community interaction along with ongoing conservation and protection, The Oceania Project is looking for funding to continue their valuable work.

This includes a three stage plan implemented over a three year period. The first objective is to create three websites for the public to increase community awareness and interaction. The websites will also enable browsers to access research gathered on the whales for conservation purposes surrounding social behavior and organization of the eastern Australian humpback whales.

Stage two is to provide a world-class research platform through the websites directly to school and University students presented in a stimulating environment.

The final stage in year three is to provide an enduring knowledge-centre based on gathered data of the eastern Australian humpback whales and other species of Cetacea that will be an invaluable resource for users worldwide.

Ultimately the project hopes to achieve a user-friendly, informative and interactive website experience that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Founders of the project, Trish and Wally Franklin will be able to provide data gathered over nearly 30 years of research to the public to access an maintain as a valuable future resource.