North Coast Cultural Feast

There is way more to the North Coast of NSW than sun, sand and beautiful beaches…yes sirrreee…we are a total cultural hot spot. Sooo what better way to kick off for November than to keep you informed of what’s on offer.

8 Ways to Spring-ify Your Home

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. You know the one, you’ve been hibernating all through winter, snuggling up on the couch under a blanket, cosying up and getting comfy in your cocoon (that’s code for home). And then it’s spring! Lovely,

Wategos Beach French Connection

Byron Bay is such a bustling little town in the middle of a growth phase that it can sometimes be hard to imagine that it was ever any other way. And Wategos is such an integral enclave to Byron Bay it’s also hard

Newrybar Village

Byron Bay is surrounded by natural beauty from the beautiful beaches to the hinterland wilderness.

Sustainable Living in Byron Bay

Sustainable living is a topic we’re hearing more about these days with clever ideas appearing to overcome the challenges of high electricity prices and environmental concerns for the planet.

Byron Echo – Your Sustainable Community 2014This week’s Byron Shire Echo has a section on sustainable living here on the North Coast of New South Wales. It was impressive to read how many groups, businesses, schools and initiatives there are in this region committed to living well without negatively impacting future generations.

Northern Rivers Community Foundation

There’s something very special about Byron Bay and the Far North Coast of New South Wales. The area seems to attract an interesting and eclectic range of people. There must be something in the water or air here as recent residents often tell