In the spotlight: Byron Bay Tea Company

Byron Bay Tea Company was born out of Sarita Merlo’s passion for the medicinal power of tea and the healing magic that emanates from the land around Byron Bay. A naturopath, herbalist, and tea enthusiast, Sarita has delighted health-conscious tea drinkers since she started selling her unique blends from her Byron Bay market stall back in 2004.

The healing nature of Byron Bay

Originally from Melbourne, Sarita moved to Byron Bay in her early twenties, drawn by a deep connection and sense of belonging to the land. With an interest in natural medicine, she earned a naturopathy qualification, going on to become a naturopath and herbalist at Byron Medicine Wheel, before taking on consultant roles at Gaia Retreat & Spa and The Sanctuary Byron Bay.

Blended for wellness

Sarita had always concocted tea remedies for her clients, but she grew to realise that people liked the idea of drinking tea for their health benefits but didn’t really like the flavours. That’s why she decided to create a range of blended and organic health teas that tasted simply delicious.

Sourced from the best ingredients

Byron Bay Tea Company create herbal, traditional and oriental teas and tisanes made from superior ingredients, sourced from wherever they grow best – whether that’s the Byron Bay hinterland, the South Australian desert, Europe, Egypt, the States, or small family-run plantations located in the tea regions of Sri Lanka, India, and China.

An ethical business

Today, the company is one of a growing number of ethical businesses achieving great success since Byron Bay earned an international reputation as an eco-conscious wellness centre. For Sarita, it’s always been imperative that her business is doing the right thing by the planet. That’s why her teas are organic, wild-crafted, and pesticide-free, so you can be sure your cuppa is packed full of goodness.

The ritual of tea drinking

Sarita loves the flavour and healing power of her range of teas, but her interest runs much deeper. Part of her fascination lies in the role tea drinking and tea ceremonies have played across a wide range of different cultures over thousands of years. For Sarita, tea drinking isn’t just about healing ailments but the ritual of taking time out of your day to create a space of calmness and presence.

The healing properties of tea

As a naturopath and herbalist, Sarita is passionate about helping people on the path to wellness. And part and parcel of that journey is an appreciation for being out in nature. That’s why she only uses ingredients grown using sustainable practice and reserves her business partnerships to like-minded growers who share her passion for protecting bees from the harmful chemicals that impact our ecosystems.

Hand-blended in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Tea Company hand-blend their teas at their premises in the breathtaking Byron Bay hinterland. Here they carefully pack their unique blends into gorgeously branded boxes before sending them on their way to tea lovers all over the southern hemisphere.

Order online

If you’d like to experience the healing magic of Byron Bay from your teacup, jump online and take a look at what the Byron Bay Tea Company has to offer. Alternatively, you can find their tea on menus in cafes, restaurants, spas, resorts, and health retreats all over the country. You’ll find their range on the shelves of lifestyle health stores too.

Detox for spring

If you’re thinking that spring could be the ideal time to get a healthy balance back in your life, Byron Bay Tea Company’s T-Tox detox range is the perfect way to hydrate and cleanse your body. Made from blends that support the detox process – such as dandelion, chicory root, calendula, ginger, licorice, nettles, peppermint, and fennel – you’ll be feeling refreshed and revitalised in no time.

Your free download

With every purchase of T-Tox, you’ll get complimentary access to the Byron Bay Tea Company 4-week online detox program. Here you’ll discover a wealth of dietary and lifestyle advice together with delicious, healthy recipes to enjoy.

We offer an obligation-free market appraisal, which includes a property assessment, a report outlining recent comparable sales, and an estimate of your property’s value together with a price guide.

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We offer an obligation-free market appraisal, which includes a property assessment, a report outlining recent comparable sales, and an estimate of your property’s value together with a price guide.

Get in touch to discuss the value of your property

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